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Libas Now

Welcome to our portfolio! We are thrilled to showcase our work with LIBAS NOW, a dynamic and contemporary fashion brand that entrusted us with their web development needs. Our collaboration with LIBAS NOW was not just a project; it was a journey towards creating an online presence that resonates with their brand identity and engages their audience.

Client Background

LIBAS NOW is a fashion brand that embodies modernity and style. Their commitment to delivering dynamic and contemporary fashion sets them apart in the industry. As their web development partner, we embraced the challenge of translating their brand essence into a digital experience that captures the attention of fashion enthusiasts.

Scope of Work

Our collaboration with LIBAS NOW encompassed a comprehensive range of web development services. From conceptualization to execution, we worked closely with the LIBAS NOW team to understand their vision and goals for the online platform.

Key Features

  1. Sleek and Responsive Design: We designed a sleek and responsive website that adapts seamlessly to various devices, ensuring an optimal user experience for both desktop and mobile users.
  2. E-commerce Integration: To enhance the customer shopping experience, we integrated a robust e-commerce system that facilitates easy browsing, product selection, and secure online transactions.
  3. Visual Appeal: Leveraging high-quality visuals and captivating imagery, we aimed to mirror the sophistication and vibrancy inherent in LIBAS NOW’s fashion collections.
  4. User-Friendly Navigation: Intuitive navigation was a priority. We implemented user-friendly menus and navigation paths to guide visitors effortlessly through the website, from exploring collections to completing purchases.


The collaboration resulted in a stunning online platform that mirrors the elegance and innovation of LIBAS NOW’s fashion offerings. The website not only showcases their products but also serves as a digital space that aligns with their brand ethos.

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